Reasons Why Drawing and Coloring Make You Happy and Creative


When you were little, some of you might like drawing or coloring activities. The activity turned out to be not just a form of hobby or small children’s game, but further than that, those of you who are adults have become more imaginative and creative.

  1. Triggering creativity
    Coloring increases your creativity to choose colors and mix and match them based on imagination. If this routine you do, will trigger the emergence of new and fresh ideas. In addition to coloring, drawing can also make you become more creative in creating something.
  2. Give a relaxed atmosphere anytime and anywhere
    Coloring is a thrifty way to relax even compared to massage or a vacation somewhere. You can draw and whenever and wherever or even include these activities in a work agenda that can be made much happier.
  3. Increase concentration
    Coloring requires concentration and attention to every part of it. This activity trains your concentration and increases productivity in everyday life.
  4. Has benefits similar to meditation
    A psychiatrist named Carl Jung included coloring activities in his treatment program in the 1900s. When coloring, you will practice focus and attention on these activities that are similar to meditation activities and certainly make you happier.
  5. Improve motor skills
    Coloring requires not only sensory skills, but also motor skills that involve small muscles in the finger. In addition, when drawing and coloring hands requires good coordination.
  6. Reducing stress and anxiety
    An art therapist who created a coloring book for adults, Lucy Mucklow said that drawing and coloring can reduce stress and anxiety. The calm and focus that comes from these activities makes you able to control stress and panic.


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