How To Reduce Stress for Mesothelioma Patient?

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Many people know that cancer, especially for those who are already in an advanced stage, of course is a severe disease. Not only for patients, but also for nurses and assistants from their patients. Those who accompany patients must of course go back and forth to bring the patient to the laboratory for an examination, often consult with a doctor, help patients to eat, and cleanse themselves.


Moreover, it must persuade patients who are depressed because they have to continue treatment. All of these things are certainly very draining energy, which makes it less sleep, and unable to work properly. Plus thoughts and emotions are getting drained more.

The companions of these patients will naturally experience defeat and make themselves become useless. Therefore, so that you are not stressed, then you must provide it with the following tips.

1. Take care of yourself

Often accompanying patients, of course ignoring their own needs. This is indeed amazing but not effective. They ignore themselves who eventually get sick, feel depressed, emotional, and this will not be good for anyone. To prevent this, you can spend time every day to take care of yourself. Fill in time with things you like, such as exercising, eating decent and tasty foods, doing favorite activities.

2. Don’t help if it’s beyond ability

Many patients have difficulty receiving too much help. Sometimes, they will feel helpless when too much is served. If the patient feels that way, as a companion certainly must provide space for the patient. Ask him carefully, what kind of help he wants. Like for example by allowing to eat and clean himself.

3. Maintain a sense of humor

Cancer is certainly a serious thing. When undergoing the treatment process, it will certainly make anyone become a little crazy. In such situations, you can maintain a sense of humor that can alleviate the situation. So that patients will not get a higher level of stress. Not only for patients, the companion also feels lighter without a heavier burden.

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